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We are Serwe!

                Serwe Implement began business in 1937, when Arthur and Louise Serwe started a John Deere farm equipment dealership in Lomira, Wisconsin.

                In 1958 Arthur’s son, Harvey, joined the business and formed a partnership with Arthur’s

longtime employee, Gene Wilhelm. Together, they grew the John Deere business until the late 1970’s,

when Mr. Wilhelm retired.               


               Harvey and Janet Serwe encouraged their children to join the family business in the late 1970's.   Through their hard work and dedication, two of their sons soon became partners.


                In the mid 1990’s, facing changes in the agricultural landscape, Serwe Implement reinvented their business and expanded to include roadside mowers. After testing roadside mowers of various makes and

models, the decision was made to exclusively sell Tiger mowers. Because of the high quality of the Tiger

products, they eventually sold over 100 units. In 2007, after a similar process, they acquired another high

quality municipal line called Vacall.  The addition of Vacall brought street sweepers, hydro excavators, and combination sewer trucks to our growing product line. Several other quality products were added, such as  Deweze side hill slope mowers, Harper turf products, Superior road brooms and Tenco industrial snowblowers. Through a cooperative agreement with Tiger Corporation, we are able to sell and service John Deere and New Holland tractors, as well as any competitive brands! In addition, we are able to procure parts for all. Because of the many additions to our products and services, Serwe Implement became a Municipal Sales power house!


                In 2012, more exciting changes were made!  Archie and Cheryl Serwe took over the business and

made the decision to exit the agricultural market and shift their focus to serve the municipal market.  During

this transition, the company relocated to Theresa, Wisconsin, and partnered with Buske Trucking.  This partnership expanded available services to include, pick up and delivery of equipment, along with repair

and maintenance services.

As the business continued to grow, the physical location became too small for our needs.  In 2019, we moved to a larger facility that would accommodate our expanding business. 


                Our dedicated Serwe team continues to provide quality equipment, parts and services, for all the lines we carry. 

We look forward to serving you!!!

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